Vendor101 - Technology at work for managing Vendors, Contracts & RFPs

The Vendor101 SharePoint template provides your organization with a searchable, customizable, self-service vendor registration portal for vendor prequalification and communications. It also allows your organization to assess vendor capabilities, financial solvency, product / service quality & pricing, maintain all supplier information and documents, and measure & evaluate vendor performance, service levels & continuous improvement.

Simplified Vendor Selection

  • Ability to design the Vendor Inquiry Questionnaire (choose the mandatory fields based on product requirements)
  • Vendor Selection & Approval Workflow
  • Associate a Risk Profile (Organizational, Financial, Support and Strategy Risks) with each vendor
  • Track Vendor related documents in a centralized location (incl. Contracts)
  • Support Ongoing Supervision and Monitoring of Vendors

Personalized Dashboard

  • Vendor Dashboard to track all approved vendors and associated Risk Profile, Procedures, Invoices, Contracts and Proposals.
  • Contract Dashboard to track all Vendor Contracts and associated Contract WIKI, Items and Purchase Orders RFP Dashboard to track all open RFPs (requiring response)
  • Vendors requested to respond to RFP, Vendor Responses received and RFP Response award (incl. support for SOW workflow)