KLST experien​​​ce with SharePo​int App Development

KLST is currently busy developing a number of SharePoint apps created for clients and for Microsoft SharePoint App Store. The following sections describe some of the SharePoint app functionality built by KLST:

  • SharePoint Components - Almost every major type of SharePoint component can be part of an app for SharePoint, including custom content types, list templates, list instances, pages, workflows, event handlers, and many more. You can also have built-in Web Parts, including a Silverlight Web Part that hosts a Silverlight application and an app part that wraps an IFrame.

  • Surface data using Remote web applications - An app for SharePoint is a great way to surface a remote web application in SharePoint—and the remote web application can be on any platform. It can be an ASP.NET application or a web application built on a non-Microsoft platform stack. Any web application that the host supports can be surfaced in an app for SharePoint.

  • Offload Business Logic - Your business-logic code can run on remote servers and on client machines. In fact, the only place it cannot run is on the SharePoint servers themselves, and you do not really need it to run there. Moreover, keeping custom code off SharePoint servers provides reassurance to SharePoint administrators that the app cannot harm their servers, which makes your app for SharePoint easier to sell.

  • SharePoint as centralized portal for all applications - For many information workers, SharePoint has become the digital headquarters of their work life, and they like to use it as a portal to their applications when possible. And if the application shares a compatible appearance with SharePoint, so much the better! The model for apps for SharePoint provides easy methods for surfacing applications in SharePoint, including applications that do not use SharePoint list data or have any other intrinsic connection to SharePoint.

  • Integration SharePoint with Office applications and services - Apps for Office integrate web services and remote data directly into Office desktop clients and Office Web Apps. You can also integrate SharePoint data into Office with an app for Office.